Gaming Blog – How To Start

First order of business would be to pick your Subject
This May be as general as PC or console gamingor more segmented as competitive gaming/eSports or even at a finer niche such as dedicated to only 1 game or game author.
For Example, obviously our site Is about the sport StarCraft and StarCraft 2. Which is a really small niche comparably from the larger blogosphere.

Next you have to be Passionate
Passionate About said topic, and since we’re speaking about gaming that means you have to be HARDCORE in regards to the game or gaming in general. You are feeling that your match, you enjoy it, you can talk for hours about it to only about anymore. You re-tell old battle stories, talk about the neighborhood and may draw up large named players, events or leagues. You engaged in contests, events or has been part of a fansite/community.
For Example I first got into StarCraft by being an old school WarCraft II participant, and was hooked on the spot… for the subsequent 6 years. I have tremendously involved in the StarCraft community by being part of many very well-known clans (The Soda Clan, SCGALS, Club G), and had affiliations with most of the top American/European players.

Competed and won cash in local and national tournaments, posted in forums while composing plan articles for fansites.
Writing articles help particularly in the event that you want to begin a site, which leads me into another step with this list of hints.
You Need to be able to clearly get across your point, spell check, read it over and discuss punctuation just make sure that you hit the bullseye
This Doesn’t mean you need to be the best writer on the planet or perhaps a decent one. What this means is always check your spelling in word, read over your article at least once before submitting, refine and edit, and make certain you compose attractive titles and summaries.
Most good bloggers are Not good writers, but superior communicators. And you want to learn something else? You are in luck because you are writing about a game or gambling for gamers and all of us know we are not the best writers. It is possible to tell by going to the forums of almost any sport available right now.
Heck we Invented l33t talk… in multiplayer online games we devised the txting manner of writing way ahead of cellphones was the upcoming big thing among tweens. You’ve got to get your point across fast: “un peon line” = Your employees economy line is going to or is getting attacked by the Zerg enemy, and you need to move your workers from their way and pull your forces back. “drop his exp at 9” = Take your dropships over to the enemies expansion base in the far left center spot over the map.
Gamers Will forgive you in the event you make your content readable and known fast, use line breaks, spacing, different font sizes and colours to make specific elements of your post stand out.

Next suggestion is a part of the Blogoshpere
Meaning Follow different blogs, see what they’re doing, the way they compose their titles, where they place their content. How they modify templates to match their niche. There are discussion for authors and social networks which can quickly get your name on the market fast, post and comment on how favorite sites which could drive a little traffic and provide linkbacks.
Enter blogging contests to further brand yourself, but make sure you never stray too much from your topic.
Gaming is a visual and audio medium. Utilize Video, Audio and graphics nicely to enhance your gaming site
Most Of us have A.D.D. and like great graphics in films, animations, and sci-fi displays. Therefore it must be on no surprise that individuals see sites that look and sound good. Our magazines are sleek as hell, any of you register to PLAY magazine? Only Design magazines rival the covers of most gaming mags.
If you’re not inclined find graphic Designers that love games like to assist or cover one. Most fansite / site creators are good at either graphic design or web creation, therefore it helps to have some understanding in those areas.
Do not forget Marketing

Being An active member of fansite forums, social websites and blogs is a fantastic way to develop organic visitors (non-paid for) Using Google AdWords can also be the most cost effective way to advertise your blog to the perfect audience.
Post approaches people want and accumulate gambling videos From across the internet and set them in your posts, same with interviews or images. Be that sole resource for all Halo 3 or even Mario Bros.. Write great content, top 10 lists or plan guides and request friends to stumble it or digg it.

Note use social media websites like Stumpleupon along with digg with caution, you don’t want hard to read bad posts getting attention. You want everything that you can to escape there. Ask friends to site about you or provide you linkbacks in their sites.
Proceed to local Internet cafes and workout advertisements suggestions to help you both, that might be a link exchange or hosting a championship at that cafe. Running competitions is also a good method to find some traffic in, but the matter is you have to use all these methods together well to drive traffic. Ask people to bookmark your site on del.icio.us or reddit, sign up for a RSS feed.
Always remember: Never get discouraged, get inspired
And Keep your passion up, plan big things ahead of time like new features Or updates to a blog/site, find guest authors and/or form a Community all around your blog. Go outside every once in a while when you’re Not pwning folks on bnet or murdering elves.